Erik Rodriguez will teach you basic body movement!

The MambOki Basic body movement course is designed to help brand new dancers and people who are looking for a simple way to gain mobility in a fun and musical way. This course also serves as a detailed refresher for seasoned dancers. The movement is geared towards salsa, but it will to lead to a fuller understanding of your body and is useful in many dance styles.

This course includes:

-Neck and shoulder isolations

-Rib cage movement

-Hip motion

-30 minute follow-along body movement class

*This course is sold as a 3 month subscription. At the end of 3 months, your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel ahead of time.

Erik Rodriguez

Erik Rodriguez is one of the pioneers of Eddie Torres style On2 and Afro Latin Funk in Japan with over 25 years of teaching experience including 16 years running his own school in Okinawa, MambOki.

Erik has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after instructors and choreographers in Asia.

Mostly known for his unique musicality and memorable routines, he has often been referred to as a dancer's dancer.

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3 months access- renews automatically

This price is for 3 months of access to the course. The subscription will automatically renew unless it is canceled before the renewal date.