Mamboki Body Movement and Salsa Shines by Erik Rodriguez

Erik Rodriguez is one of the pioneers of Eddie Torres style On2 and Afro Latin Funk in Japan with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Erik has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after instructors and choreographers in Asia.

Mostly known for his unique musicality and memorable routines, he has often been referred to as a dancer's dancer.

Come and enroll for a different type of learning experience.

Erik Rodriguez Solo Performance at Mamboki 16th Anniversary

Erik Rodriguez Jeju Latin Culture Festival 2018

Erik Rodriguez Social Dance at Mamboki 16th Anniversary in Okinawa

Erik & Mio Salsa in Ximen, Taipei (Stairway to Heaven- Salsa Remix by Manuel Gonzales)

Erik's Courses

MambOki Salsa Beginner Bundle

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This is a bundle of two of Erik's courses- Basic Body Movement and Basic Salsa Shines. These two courses are 20 Euros each for 3 months of access, but you can subscribe to this bundle instead for a discounted price!

*This bundle also includes...

20 minute MambOki on2 Salsa Basic Partnerwork video!

13 minute Spinning Drill Class!

MambOki Beginner Body Movement

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MambOki Basic body movement course is designed to help brand new dancers and people who are just looking for a simple way to gain mobility in a fun and musical way. The course also serves as a detailed refresher for seasoned dancers.

MambOki Beginner Salsa Shines

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The MambOki basic shines course is a guide to embarking on a beginners journey through the overwhelming world of individual salsa dancing known as shines.

MambOki Beginner Salsa Partnerwork (FREE)

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Erik Rodriguez teaches you the basics of On2 Salsa partnerwork. This is a FREE class! Click the link above to enroll in the Latin Dance School Free Class Course and get instant access.