Dear Latin Dance School Students,

We started this website at the beginning of the pandemic with the goal to make a platform where dance instructors could quickly get their video courses up on the internet and available for students to buy.  It's been a very interesting experience, and we've been happy to be able to connect teachers and students.  However, with so many teachers now available online, it has been difficult to attract enough students to support our website.  Our website hosting has a high monthly fee, and we cannot continue to operate it without losing money, and we've decided to close the website and shift to existing only on Facebook.  We have already moved all of the course material to private Facebook Groups, and we are going to turn these groups over to the instructors directly.  

We have already sent out an email to all current subscribers. Please check your account's email address for instructions on how to access the course material you are subscribed to. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We think that this will be the best way to give you continued access to the video material. 

Thank you so much for supporting the artists and our website.  We could not have even gotten this off the ground without supportive students like you, and it means a lot to the instructors and us.

Latin Dance School